Finishing Up

Tape over any creases or folds of Velostat on the inside of the helmet.

Add the finishing layer of tape over the sides of the hat and Velostat.

Tape any loose ends.

  1. Apply horizontal sheets of tape over the vertical strips for a final covering.
  2. Apply a layer of tape over the strips from the inside first, then a layer over the outside strips of tape second.
  3. Apply tape to any areas that need reinforcement. Remember, you will sleep with the hat on.


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Final stages

Final stages

Final stages

Interior of finished hat
Inside of finished "thought screen helmet" with eight sheets of Velostat shielding, SCS part number 1706. This helmet has been very successful in stopping alien abductions.

Exterior of finished hat

Exterior of finished hat showing final layer of tape
Note final layer of tape on helmet. Your helmet or whatever hat you use for a "thought screen" should be well taped, as you will sleep in it and wear it as often as possible.