Stopabductions.com is not a commercial web site nor is it an information site about UFOs or alien abductions. There is nothing for sale on this web site. Michael Menkin has no financial connection with any of the recommended sources. Stopabductions.com is a public service, nonprofit site which instructs people how to make a tested device to stop alien abductions. The name of the device, which is called a thought screen helmet, is taken from the science fiction novels of E.E. "Doc" Smith.  Please see the page, Thought Screen Helmet Origin for quotes from "Doc" Smith's novels.


Michael Menkin constructing a thought screen helmet
All of the thought screen helmets you see Michael Menkin making are sent to abductees for free. He has 30 years experience as a technical writer and four years of experience as an advertising/public relations writer.


Michael Menkin constructing a thought screen helmet
This box containing a thought screen helmet and a baseball cap lined with Velostat was sent to an abductee in the United Kingdom for free. Contact this website for baseball cap construction directions.


Thought screen helmet and baseball cap after arrival in UK
Baseball cap and thought screen helmet as they arrived in the United Kingdom. Note the green American customs sticker as proof it was sent. The address is covered to protect the identity of the abductee. The helmet and baseball cap took about seven hours to make.


Email this website. All replies to emails are completely clean. There is no malicious software on this site of any kind.

For information about alien abductions and a possible cause of the epidemic of autism, and evidence of the thought screen helmet success, see Michael Menkin's other web site: Aliens and Children.