(Grays Only)


Reliance on Telepathy

When the alien's telepathic powers are neutralized by the "thought screen helmet" they do not attempt to abduct their victims. Without their telepathic power they cannot render their victims passive.

Vitamin C to Kill Implanted Alien-hybrid Embryos

One woman who now wears a thought screen helmet reported in 2008 that she killed four alien-hybrid fetuses in a row by taking a gram of vitamin C every hour for weeks. She used her alarm clock at night to awaken her every hour. She reported that she could no longer feel the fetuses moving and the aliens were very angry at the deaths of the alien-hybrids they implanted in her. The aliens also removed a dead alien-hybrid fetus from her and implanted a live one at another time. This was before she started wearing a thought screen helmet. Since 2019 she has worn thought screens almost 24/7. She shot at alien-human hybrids in her house in 2019 and claims to have hit one. She lives on farm in a remote area in Virginia.

Nutrient-absorbing Skin of Grays

It was reported in "The Threat" that the grays sit in a vat of nutrients and absorb it through their skin. They do not eat as humans do. The grays' nutrient-absorbing skin may be a weakness as substances of strong odors or material sprayed on their skin may be absorbed directly into their body.


Several abductees report that aliens do not like perfume. One abductee claims that they stopped an abduction by exposing strong cheap perfume to aliens.

Incense from White Sage

An abductee in Virginia claims that incense created by burning dried white sage caused the aliens to leave. She stated in 2008, "There must be something in the smell that makes them unable to stay."

Another abductee in the UK also stated the same year that: "I have tried white sage myself and it works. It's a Native American spiritual cleansing incense. It's a horrific smell and it is very clingy and creates a lot of smoke. The incense can be purchased in tied bundles which you light on the end stick. It works on aliens as it sticks to their skin. The smell stays on human skin for at least two days. That is even when you have a shower. It (the smell) is difficult to get rid of."

If you have experience with any alien weakness for any alien race anywhere in the world, please contact Michael Menkin.


Michael Menkin constructing a thought screen helmet
Michael Menkin was a Lieutenant (junior grade) in the U. S. Coast Guard Reserve. He is a 51-year member of the U.S. Naval Institute, a 24-year member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and a 37-year member of Sons of the American Revolution.