Cut 8 Sheets or More of Velostat Using the Pattern Made in Step A

NOTE: Minimum shielding is 8 sheets of Velostat 6 mils thick, or 12 sheets of Velostat 4 mils thick. Some abductees report success with helmets using only 5 sheets of Velostat but 8 sheets are recommended as the aliens transmit a tremendous amount of energy. Use more sheets if you can get them in the hat.

  1. Cut small strips of tape about 1/2" wide and as long as the tape width, which should be 11/2" to 2" long, and stick them to the back of a dinner plate or other smooth surface for use.
  2. You will fill four or five platefuls of tape strips during the construction of the thought screen.


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Preparing tape strips
Plate with strips of tape.