You will need:

• Cloth or plastic tape, 2" wide. Have plenty on hand, you will use lots of tape to make this thought screen.

• Hat or helmet that covers the whole head, made of vinyl, rubber, leather, or another smooth material that tape will stick to. See example photograph below.

Finished thought screen helmet.
Finished thought screen helmet.


Sources for the leather hat used in these instructions are provided under Obtaining Materials.

If you can't find a hat that tape will adhere to, try a ski hat, large bonnet, 1920's style flapper hat or even a very large swim hat. Any large hat that 8 sheets of Velostat can be fitted into will work.

• SCS Velostat, Part number 1706, 6 mils thick (.006"), 2 square yards or SCS Velostat, Part number 1704, 4 mils thick (.004"), 3 square yards.

• Large sheet of paper about 18" by 18" for making pattern; newspaper will work.


A good work area with moveable lights as shown above is also required.