Michael Menkin wearing a thought screen helmet.
Michael Menkin wearing a thought screen helmet.



Aliens are living creatures who are subject to the physical laws of the universe. They are technically and mentally very advanced, but still have limitations of their actions and performance as all living things do. They have incredible technology and knowledge of mind functions, but they are not "super creatures" with unlimited power. Their world is very different than our human world. Never expect them to behave just as you think humans would behave.

These directions are compiled from twenty-five years of experience of working with abductees wearing thought screen helmets to stop alien abductions. For information on what aliens can and cannot do, see the Alien Capabilities and Incapabilities page at the Aliens and Children website.

1. Prepare for a Fight

Aliens will try to stop you from wearing the helmet both mentally and physically. Remember that they can read your mind. Before you make one they may try to influence you that you don't need one. Once you start wearing a helmet they may harass you or perhaps threaten to kill a pet in retaliation. They are good at manipulating your spouse to have a conflict with you about wearing the helmet. If you forget to wear it one time they may physically hurt you. They have done these things to a minority of abductees wearing helmets. Most abductees report complete success with the helmet when they wear it as much as they can.

2. Have a Locked Cabinet

Aliens have taken fifteen helmets from abductees and three Velostat-lined baseball caps. If you are not wearing your hat they will go through your entire house looking for it. They will not, however, go into a locked cabinet. Before you make a helmet have some kind of cabinet or trunk that you can lock. That way they won't take it.

All thought is open and controlled in a telepathic society, therefore locks are unnecessary. Aliens are unfamiliar with locks and the concept of a lock.

3. Make the Helmet Quickly

You may experience telepathic resistance from the aliens when you try to make the hat. Expect it. You must make the hat as quickly as possible so you are not overcome by them.

Here's a quote from one abductee making a new helmet: "I felt telepathic resistance when making the helmet, sharp pains were felt, I pulled the helmet over the head and it stopped. I think I am being watched on what I am doing, I suppose you must warn other abductees when making the hats."

4. Secure the Helmet with Tape or String

Almost any kind of tape or string wrapped around the helmet several times will prevent aliens from removing the helmet if they manage to get close to you.

5. Don't Be Lured Out of Your Current Location by the Aliens

Don't let the aliens lure you out of your location. Stay where you are if you think the aliens are close by. They will make noises by banging on walls to lure you out but don't do it. They also may use lights outside to lure you outside. By luring you out into their territory, you will be more vulnerable to their control.

6. Make Small Holes in the Top for Hot Climates

If the temperature is over 80 degrees F and the helmet is hot to wear, use an awl or similar tool and punch some small holes in the top of the helmet.

7. Wear the Helmet as Often as Possible

Once you make a thought screen helmet you must wear it as frequently as possible. The aliens know when you are not wearing it and will take you at that time. Abductees are taken when they are driving cars. They even take children without helmets when they are in school. There are documented cases of children abductees missing during school hours.

You can also put eight sheets of Velostat into baseball cap or other hat to wear during the day which is less conspicuous then a leather hat. See for different types of thought screen hats.

Some abductees have worn their thought screen helmets and hats almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week for twenty-three years.



One abductee reported that he could not wear the helmet because it made him disoriented. If you become disoriented and cannot stand or walk without becoming dizzy with the helmet on, then do not wear it.



Several abductees report that the buzzing sound they hear when wearing the helmet can be completely alleviated through the use of proper grounding. They used a double ground, securing the ground to the Velostat in the helmet with thick aluminum foil then connecting the two insulated grounding wires to standard grounding rods which are available from electronics supply stores.

Once the helmets were properly grounded and the ground wires were insulated from touching any part of a house with rubber insulation, all of the buzzing noise heard by the abductees ceased. The abductees using grounds sleep wearing their thought screen helmets.

Please note that only some abductees report a buzzing sound while wearing the helmet. Others report no sound and all and complete success with the helmet.

Contact this website for more information on grounding a thought screen helmet.