Cut 8 Sheets or More of Velostat Using the Pattern Made in Step A

NOTE: Minimum shielding is 8 sheets of Velostat 6 mils thick, or 12 sheets of Velostat 4 mils thick. Some abductees report success with helmets using only 5 sheets of Velostat but 8 sheets are recommended as the aliens transmit a tremendous amount of energy. Use more sheets if you can get them in the hat.

  1. Measure the width of the pattern.
  2. Cut 8 sheets of the 6 mil, 36" Velostat, part number 1706, to the width of the pattern.
  3. Place the pattern over each sheet of Velostat and draw a line on the Velostat sheets around the edge of the pattern. A highlighter marking pen is light enough to show up on the Velostat.
  4. Cut out each pattern shape on the Velostat sheets.

You are now ready to tape each Velostat sheet into the hat.


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Velostat sheets cut to fit into hat
Note that the back of the Velostat is flat to align it with the back of the helmet.