Install Remaining Velostat Sheets Using Method in Step D

  1. Always start the insertion of the Velostat into the hat using tape on the back of the hat first. This will hold the Velostat securely as you pull it and the hat over your head.
  2. Place the strips of tape at the back of the hat at different widths from the center, so the tape does not pile up onto each other.
  3. It is critical to get the Velostat as flush to the inside of the hat as possible, because each layer builds up. Extra space may prevent the insertion of the 8 sheets required for an effective thought screen.
  4. As additional sheets of Velostat are added to the hat, the dimensions of the Velostat become less, so you trim off more of each inserted sheet.
  5. Don't trim the Velostat to the edge the first time, Always try the hat and Velostat over your head at least twice before making the final trim and application of tape.


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Installing Velostat sheets
Install 8 or more sheets if you can. The minimum number of sheets is 5.

Installing Velostat sheets

Velostat sheets installed in hat
Hat with 8 sheets of Velostat installed, ready to be trimmed.