Michael Menkin constructing a thought screen helmet.
Case histories were obtained by sending thought screen helmets and hats to abductees all over the world for free, such as the one being made as shown above. Only a sample of case histories are provided. Contact this website for more case histories.


Thought screen helmets sent to abductees
Thought screen helmets which were sent to abductees. Thought screens are very labor intensive. The thought screens above represent a full week's work.



20 sheets of aluminum foil, two made, one using a fiberglass helmet and one from a leather hat. These were made in February, 1998. The investigator lost them and did not provide a report.

Leather hat with 12 sheets of metalized plastic sheets. The sheets are from "metal-in" static shielding bags, 3M #1900 Metal in - Static Shielding Bags size 18" X 24" Pack CE-1006-7178-9.

Leather hat with 12 sheets of metalized plastic and two sheets of .006" thick Velostat, Desco System part number 1706.

Leather hat with eight sheets of .006" thick Velostat sheets. Velostat is Desco System's trade name for an electrically conductive carbon impregnated polyolefin. This is the standard helmet made today, 2024.

Leather hat with plastic visor covering the forehead with five sheets of .006" thick Velostat sheets.

Leather hat with nine sheets of .006" Velostat sheets.

Baseball cap with 8 sheets of Velostat. This is the standard baseball cap made today, 2024.

Girl's cloth hat with 8 sheets of Velostat.

Nylon or cotton shell hard-hat winter liner with 8 sheets of Velostat.

Leather hat with twelve sheets of Velostat. Although 8 sheets seem to be adequate, helmets with twelve sheets are now recommended when abductees have headaches or nausea wearing a helmet, which may indicate that aliens are trying to penetrate the helmet. Several abductees with these helmets feel safer wearing them.

Leather hat with six sheets of thick Velostat, .008", part number 1708. These hats are also effective thought screens. Thick Velostat must be heated with a hair dryer to make these helmets.


Leather hats to be made into thought screen helmets
Shown above are leather hats which will be made into thought screens and sent to abductees. All abductees are interviewed by phone at least twice before being sent a helmet. They must also sign a statement promising to keep in touch with the inventor if they move and/or get a new email address and telephone number. Abductees who refuse to sign the agreement do not get a thought screen helmet or baseball cap.



Names of abductees are withheld for confidentiality and to prevent harassment from skeptics.


United States

January 2020 - Florida, Helmet Type 4
A woman in Florida made two baseball caps lined with Velostat which stopped aliens from abducting her. She reports that the aliens have been following her and that she can sometimes see their space craft. She lives in constant fear of being abducted. The aliens try to remove her helmet when she sleeps but she secures it with many strands of twine wrapped around it so they cannot take it. She also reports seeing what may be alien space craft disguised as helicopters.

Here is a January 2020 email from her:

"I haven't been harassed too much since I talked to you, but I just thought I would let you know that I saw 3-4 helicopters at the beginning of the week, at night, when I got off work.

"The unusual thing about them, was the large white lights on the belly of the chopper, were arranged in a triangular pattern. I say choppers, because I could hear them. They were VERY loud, had a red strobe and also two oblong white lights, positioned where you would expect the pilots feet to be, on the front of the craft.

"They were hovering over residential areas. They had to have been from MacDill AFB.

"Very Creepy!

"I have seen them at night before, driving from my mother's house. They would hover for a minute, then move about a quarter of a mile and hover over houses again. At first, I thought they were watching the traffic, but I pulled off the road and watched them.

"Kind of queer that the belly lights look like the ones I saw on that silent UFO, that dive-bombed me that night, during Thanksgiving week!

"My brother is in aviation and he says there aren't any choppers he knows of that look like THAT!"

She reported seeing black helicopters hovering near her house two days later but she said they were silent so she thinks they are alien space craft disguised as helicopters to prevent any public alarm about them"

April 2016 - Virginia, Helmet Type 3
A woman living in a remote farmhouse in Virginia stopped her abductions by wearing thought screen helmets and baseball caps almost 24/7. She said that the aliens tried to remove her helmet when she was asleep by coming through the wall next to her bed and grabbing onto the helmet but she had her helmet secured by many strands of tape, as I instructed her, so they could not remove it. She reports seeing alien-human hybrids in her house and has shot them several times with a shotgun. She claims their blood is on her wall but she can't take samples.

March 2015 - Arkansas, Helmet Types 3 & 4
A woman with three daughters, all of whom wear baseball caps with eight sheets of Velostat, has a ten year old daughter who had the same type of glass objects described above come out of her back.  The objects are about 5 mm long, black in color, sharp and made of a glass-like material.

In 2018, she reported seeing UFOs following her in her car when she was wearing her baseball cap. As of 2023, she still reports seeing UFOs.

July 2015 - Mississippi, Helmet Type 3
A man with a thought screen helmet stopped the aliens from taking him but he was still being harassed by alien-human hybrids outside his house. The alien-human hybrids banged on the wall of the house repeatedly in the night to harass him. The house was on the edge of a forest in central Mississippi. In the middle of the night the man wore the helmet and went outside with a loaded gun. He fired the gun where he heard the hybrids moving. The hybrids left after the gun was fired and never returned. It is 2023 and I am still in contact with this man. He still wears a thought screen helmet every day.

July 1999 - Washington State, Helmet Type 3
Man selected by an experienced investigator. He wore the helmet day and night. He reported success. After five months he felt that he no longer needed to wear the helmet. He reported that he did not feel he had any abductions after wearing it for five months. This man worked with investigators and has some awareness of being abducted. He is the first one to state that the helmet worked.

November 1999 - Texas, Helmet Type 3
Woman who reported abduction experiences as the type described by David Jacobs and Bud Hopkins. She said the alien brought her to orgasm by mental suggestion. It looked like the type of insect like alien reported in The Threat. She reports complete success and has been wearing a helmet 24 hours a day for a year and a half. Her husband says she even bathes with it on. This woman was extremely traumatized by her abduction experience. Her husband had her hospitalized for several months when she insisted she was abducted. After wearing the helmet for several months she said she became much more stable and focused.

She still wears her helmet day and night in 2023.

December 2000 - Texas, Helmet Type 3
The woman's son, age 8, starting wearing a #3 helmet. Previous to the helmet he was diagnosed as autistic, had reoccurring nightmares of what he said were monsters, and told his mother that aliens told him to obey them. He was not taken while wearing the helmet and his doctors reported that his autism has improved markedly. He had several unexplained marks on his body and told his mother that he had surgery. A neurologist who examined the boy said he has an abnormal EEG.

Update: January 2023
The son recently graduated from a community college. He stopped wearing the helmet in 2012 but previously wore it every night until them. The helmet helped him to become normal.

His 28 year old sister was declared a hopeless autistic in 2000. Like her brother, she wore the helmet for over twelve years every night. She stopped wearing it in 2012. She now has a full time job and her own apartment. The drawings that she made from ages three to six are featured in

November 1999 - Colorado, Helmet Types 2 , 3B, special
Woman who worked with an established investigator and had many hypnotic regression episodes about her abduction. For three months she reported that the #2 helmet was successful. After three months she reported that the aliens were able to get though to her and mentally "yelling" influenced her to remove the helmet. She was subsequently abducted.

February 2000
Another helmet, #3B was made for her. She reported success and she was no longer taken. However, one night she came home exhausted and forgot to wear it. She was abducted and beaten by hybrids. Four hybrids beat her while two looked on. Several months after that the aliens became aware of times that she was not wearing the helmet and took her when she was not wearing it. She is a professional and cannot wear it while working or driving two or from work. She still wears the helmet sporadically and reports success when she does wear it. She still uses a television camera at night. She is very traumatized and has trouble dealing with her abduction experiences, as do most abductees.

This is the only person who reports that she was overcome wearing a thought screen helmet. In 2003 A Mantis type being used its direct staring procedure and woke her up to take her with the helmet on. The aliens took blood from her which they transfused to a sick hybrid, she recalled to another investigator. Earlier in 2005 she was sleeping with the helmet which she had been wearing successfully for five years and said she was awakened and felt her brain would fry from the heat and then was taken with the helmet on.

Previously, during 2003 and 2004, the aliens threatened her and told her that they would kill her dog if she did not cooperate. She still did everything she could to resist them and they subsequently killed her dog. So far they have killed three of her dogs. When she took the first dog to the Veterinarian for an autopsy he said that the dog’s spinal cord had been cut internally and he could not figure out how that was done.

In 2006, when the woman was working and not at home, the aliens entered her house, searched it, and took four different types of helmets she had.

Another Prototype #4 was sent to her which she wore sporadically. She said it also worked. A year after that, one of the helmets which the aliens took was returned to her by the aliens.

She died of natural causes 13 years later in 2019.

October 1999 - Tennessee, Helmet Type 3

Man who said his abduction experiences were like those reported by Bud Hopkins where he was paralyzed and taken by grays. When he was eight or nine years old he says he was washing his face and a BB like object fell out of his nose into the sink. His nose bled after that. He had many nightmares about his abduction episodes and had a great amount of trouble dealing with his abduction experiences. He reported that the helmet did work and he was not abducted when he wore it. However, he had so many traumatic experiences before wearing the helmet that he felt he needed psychiatric care. He is now on medication and only uses the helmet sporadically.

October 1999 - Missouri, Helmet Type 3
Husband and wife married couple reported that an alien resembling a small gray came into their bedroom after a bright light appeared. The couple was initially immobilized when the light appeared. They saw the alien come into their room. When it touched each of them on the neck with a device resembling a wand they were rendered unconscious. They both wore the helmet every night and reported complete success. Their abduction episodes stopped.

December 1999 - Indiana, Helmet Types 2 & 3
A woman with many abduction experiences was selected by Scott Voight of Kentucky MUFON. She was interviewed by an established investigator several times and MUFON investigators as well. She said that before she was abducted, the aliens announced her presence by actually saying, "we are here." She reported that prototype #2 worked. In May of 2000 the woman had dental surgery. Her swollen jaw prevented her from wearing the helmet so she put it in a box in a closet. She reported that the aliens took the helmet along with correspondence from me.

July, 2000
Type #3 helmet was sent to her. She reported that it also stopped abductions although she found it difficult to wear because it "barely fit." In October of 2000 she reported that the aliens returned the first helmet. This abductee died in January, 2001 when her house burned down.

January 2000 - Arizona, Helmet Type 3A
Woman living with her two children in a trailer park in Arizona. She claimed to have repeated abductions. Her stories matched the stories of abductions reported by Bud Hopkins. She sleeps with the helmet every night and sometimes wears it during the day. She states that as far as she knows, she has not had any abduction experiences since she began wearing the helmet.

March 2000 - Virginia, Helmet Type 3 (Adult & child's helmet)
A helmet was made for a mother and her five year old daughter. The mother’s helmet had eight sheets of Velostat and the daughter’s helmet had five sheets of Velostat. The mother reported that the helmet worked, she was not abducted when she wore it. She also reported that one time when she wore the helmet she thought the aliens were in another part of her house because she could hear them. She did not leave her bed in the night and felt they did not come into her room.

This is the only case of an abductee reporting any kind of alien activity while wearing the helmet. This is also the only case of where the woman abductee reported reptile-like beings in her house following the appearance of the gray aliens. She said that the reptile like being scared her to death.

John Mack, M.D. reports this type of creature. David Jacobs believes that the reptile like aliens are a race that the insect aliens conquered and us. There are several children's drawings of these creatures on

The woman's daughter did not like to wear the helmet. We were only able to get her to sleep with it once. Unfortunately, the aliens harassed the five year old girl and told her repeatedly that something would happen to her and her mother if her mother kept wearing the helmet. Subsequently the mother stopped wearing the helmet so the abductions continued. The woman sent the helmets to her friend in Connecticut who could not be contacted. The woman stated, "The aliens clearly do not like the helmet."

April 2000 - Connecticut, Helmet Type 3
A woman reported abduction experiences where she found herself in an operating room environment with bright lights. She said she had scars and marks of unknown origin. She suffered from depression and was traumatized from the events before wearing the helmet. Like another abductee, the psychological stress was too much for her. She sought psychiatric help and medication, consequently abandoning the helmet because she felt she could no longer deal with abductions. She prepared to return both helmets to me, leaving them in open boxes on a chair for final packing. After waiting several weeks to receive the helmets, I contacted her. She told me that the helmets were missing and she did not know what happened to them. The aliens may have taken the helmets.

April 2000 - Montana, Helmet Type 3
After hearing me on the radio in northern Montana a man called me and told me of his wife's dreams of being in an operating room and difficulties in sexual relations. His wife never had surgery. She often talked in her sleep about her surgical experiences in a brightly lit operating room, he reported. After wearing the helmet for several weeks the wife reported that all of her dreams of surgery stopped and she slept much better. The husband reported that their sexual relations also improved. (This is reported because reproduction is the heart of the alien abduction program according to David Jacobs, Ph.D. Alien reproductive procedures traumatize people in their sexual relations. Another abductee who has the helmet said that when she was younger she always cried during sex.)

>The couple lived in Shelby, Montana which is near Malmstrom Air Force Base, an ICBM base with nuclear warheads. For more information about UFOs near ICBM facilities, see UFOs and Nukes by Robert Hastings and Faded Giant by James Klotz and Robert Salas.

A week after the couple contacted me, the radio station in Shelby, Montana said they had many reports of UFOs in the area and asked if they could give out my name and phone number, which I did. I did not receive any other phone calls from Montana.

February 2000 - New Jersey, Helmet Type 3A
This woman abductee is working with a well-known investigator. She was selected by him and has been hypnotized and interviewed many times. She reports that the helmet does work but that after several months the aliens became aware of when she was not wearing it and took her at those times. She also made a successful device merely by cutting eight sheets of Velostat around her head and holding it in place with tape. She felt that the aliens may have influenced her to avoid wearing it during the day by telepathically suggesting that wearing it was not necessary. She found herself mentally fighting those thoughts and wearing the helmet during the day. She wears the helmet sporadically now because she is still taken when she doesn't wear it. She is frustrated that she can't completely stop the abductions. For example, she and her husband had several hours of missing time when they were on their way home from a shopping mall and the helmet was not with them. She reports success when it is worn, but feels she can't wear it all of the time.

July 2003 - Oklahoma, Helmet Types 3 & 4
A man reported several instances where he was in one place during the night and woke up the next morning to find himself in a totally different location with periods of missing time and no explanation as to how he got to his new location. He was very frightened. I subsequently sent him a helmet. He says he has not had any experiences since he started wearing the helmet.

November 1999 - California, Helmet Types 2 & 3
Dr. Roger Leir, D.P.M, author of "The Aliens and the Scalpel," found a family of abdcuctees who were willing to try the helmets. Two prototype #2 helmets were sent to Dr. Leir's selected family. I only have a report of one person’s experience, a boy of ten years old. He wore prototype #2 successfully for three months. The aliens were able to telepathically penetrate this helmet and influenced him to remove it. He may have removed it in a semiconscious state when he was asleep but the circumstances surrounding the removal are unclear. Subsequently he was sent prototype #3 but he declined to wear it. All three helmets were returned in July, 2000. Dr. Leir died in 2014.

October 2000 - Wisconsin, Homemade Helmet
This man made his own helmet from Velostat I sent him. He reported abduction experiences similar to those reported by Bud Hopkins and David Jacobs. He wears the helmet day and night. He states that he has not had an abduction experience since he began wearing the helmet.

January 2005 - New Jersey, Helmet Types 6 & 4
A middle aged woman in New Jersey told of periods of missing time, many abduction encounters and is the second woman to report being trained by aliens to fly their space ship? She said, "I know this sounds crazy but they are training me to fly their ship." I replied that I had an abductee in Colorado who reported the same thing and Prof. Jacobs also reports abductees being training for flying spacecraft.

She also reported nightmares with aliens in her dreams. She is the first person to try a thought screen from a hard had liner. She says that the thought screen works and she can rest much better with her dreams also returning to normal dreams and no more periods of missing time. She also said that she had one encounter before she got the hat but after she called me where the aliens communicated to her that they felt the hat was their only threat and they specifically did not like thought screens. In her own research she felt I was the only person actually making the aliens apprehensive about their activities.

The woman is a night nurse in homes and said she had periods of missing time at night so a baseball cap was sent to her in June, 2005. She felt that it worked and she had no more periods of missing time.

October 2004 - Wisconsin, Helmet Type 3 (materials only)
A mother with three boys living with her contacted me and stated that she had many abduction experiences and she was sure one of her boys was also being taken but not sure about the other two. All three boys are in their 20's. I told her that I did not have time to make helmets but I would send her leather hats and Velostat. She requested I send them by express mail and told me she would reimburse me. I paid $18 in postage to send her the materials. When I did not hear from her I called her. She told me that the aliens threatened her after she received the materials and told her that they would hurt her if she interfered with their abductions of her boys. I have not been able to contact her since and she has not called me since.

April 2004 - Alabama, Helmet Type 3
A man lives with his family in Alabama. They have a family business. He sleeps in another room on the ground floor. He states that he can hear the aliens walk along the concrete floor in the adjoining room. He has heard them walking many times. He believes the other members of his family are being taken because there are periods of missing time. He also told of marks on his body and periods of missing time for himself. I sent him a helmet which he wears in the house, especially at night. He says that the helmet works and he no longer hears walking on the concrete floor in the adjoining room.

April 2005 - South Carolina, Helmet Type 3
A woman and her 23 year old son felt that they were abducted and had periods of seeing UFOs around their house, sometimes only a few hundred feet away and above the house as well.

A thought screen was sent to her and her son. They felt that the thought screen helmets worked but they had a "buzzing" sound in their heads.

Her son had a background in electronics and experimented with several types of grounds for both helmets. He found that when double grounds were used, with insulated grounding wire, connected to grounding rods, the buzzing sound stopped completely. He reported that the connections of the wires had to be good. He used a good grade of aluminum foil to secure the wires to the Velostat. The fact that the grounding completely eliminated any "sound" from the hat indicates that it is diverting microwave energy to the ground instead of the user.

November 2001 - Texas, Helmet Type 3
This man replied from a radio interview in Fort Worth, Texas on November 27, 2001. He reported two dreams of seeing aliens in what looked like a white room. He felt that the dreams had another reality and were perhaps real but was afraid to tell anybody. He reported being with his aunt in Mexico outside a house, they say a UFO and a bright light, then there was missing time and they found themselves inside the house and did not know how they got there. He felt he has been abducted but did not want to talk to anybody about it. He sleeps with the helmet.

July 2007 - Pennsylvania, Helmet Types 4 & 8
July, 2007 - Helmet forcibly removed by human alien-hybrids

In July of 2008 in Pennsylvania a woman abductee, who was teaching two alien-hybrids how to drive her SUV at night, had her helmets forcibly removed from her. The first time the incident happened, she was lured into another room where she said at least one alien-hybrid was hiding behind a door while another alien-hybrid lured her into the room. She said that at least one alien-hybrid was behind the door and tackled her and with the help of at least one more alien-hybrid, forcibly removed the helmet and then abducted her. They later took the helmet.

During the first incident she had a headache and felt nauseous, which may have indicated that the aliens increased their attempt to communicate with her but still did not get through.  Subsequently a second helmet with twelve sheets of Velostat was sent to her along with tinted motorcycle goggles. The goggles worked to prevent them from controlling her by the alien-hybrid form of hypnosis which David Jacobs calls "mind-scan."

In the second event, the aliens did not lure her into another room and did not confront her directly because of the goggles. This time, they came up behind her by going through the wall in back of her. She had recently had back surgery, was frail and in pain. She walked with a cane. One alien-hybrid grabbed her and held her down from the back while the other removed the helmet while standing in back of her. They subsequently took her but they left the helmet this time.  She stated that she didn't put up much of a fight and gave in easily.

This is the first case of an abductee being forcibly restrained by very human looking and acting alien-hybrids and having the helmet subsequently removed. If the woman had a weapon such as a gun or rifle, she could have tried to shoot them, but she hardly put up a fight.

David Jacobs reports that these human alien-hybrids are now integrating into society all over the world. See his 2015 book, Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity

The situation may have been different if the abductee were much stronger and had a weapon.

The thought screen helmet still works for people who are being abducted by aliens, not human alien-hybrids.



January 2020 - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Helmet Type 3
Two helmets were sent to a mother and daughter who are being abducted. In late January they reported that the helmets stop alien abductions. Their pet birds used to get very active before the aliens came so they always knew when they would be abducted. Their birds are now calm the whole day. Both the mother and daughter report that they can sleep better with the helmets on. The daughter died in 2020. As of 2023 the mother still wears the helmet. Many abductees with thought screen helmets report they sleep better when they wear them.

October 2004 - Toronto, Ontario, Helmet Types 3 & 4
A woman in her 40's felt really threatened by what she claimed were alien abductions. She said that they physically hurt her and she desperately needed a helmet. I sent her a helmet which she said worked but she could not wear it at work or to and from work and wanted another hat to feel safe so I subsequently sent her a baseball cap lined with eight sheets of Velostat which she wears during the day. The baseball cap was sent in January of 2004.

February 2004 - Port Dover, Ontario, Velostat only
A woman in Canada of unknown age claimed she was being abducted and felt she could make her own hat if I would send her Velostat, which I did. She said she did make a helmet and that it did work but she subsequently moved and I lost contact with her.

May 2003 - Markham, Ontario, Helmet Type 3 (materials only)
A woman contacted me after seeing my website and asked me if I could send her two hats. I told her that I could not make them right away but she said she and her husband were being abducted and they had periods of missing time plus sometimes they saw UFOs. I sent them two leather hats and Velostat and they made helmets from them. They said that they felt that the helmets do work.

February 2004 - New Brunswick, Helmet Types 3 & 4
A man in his 70's claimed he was abducted and reported disturbing dreams of alien encounters, the type of dreams reported by other abductees. He also reported periods of missing time. I sent him a leather helmet and he wore it, reported that his dreams returned to normal dreams, for him, and he felt he could rest much better. He also said he could concentrate better with the leather hat on. Subsequently he requested material to make baseball caps with Velostat. I sent him enough material to make two caps. He says that he is much better and feels more secure wearing thought screens.

June 2004 - Montreal, Quebec, Helmet Types 3 & 4 Thought screen sent to a young man in Montreal. A baseball cap was sent six months later because he was embarrassed to wear the leather hat in public. He prefers to wear the leather hat at home because he feels that it works better. Late in 2004 he went outside wearing the baseball cap and when he returned home, he found that the hat had been placed on top of his bed and a rectangular piece of Velostat had been cut out of the inside about two inches by one inch. We feel the aliens took a sample, nobody else was home. I sent him Velostat and tape to repair the helmet. He reports that he has to wear the hat all of the time. In April of that year when he took the hat off and fell asleep he felt he was abducted because he woke up several hours later with what he said was a very neat tattoo on his arm and he was sick. He used to email me several times a week about his experiences with the hat but stopped doing so after several years. He also secures it with tape to make sure the aliens don't remove it. I lost contact with him in 2010.


December 2003 - Hawthorn, Helmet Types 3 & 4
This man felt he was being abducted and reported marks on his body, periods of missing time, some recall of the abduction experiences. I sent him a helmet and a baseball cap. He wears the baseball cap during the day and feels that it does work but he is reluctant to discuss his abduction experiences with anybody.

March 2000 - Queensland, Helmet Type 3
Man reported repeated abduction experiences similar to those reported by American abdcuctees to Bud Hopkins. Without reading any American sources he describe gray aliens, their height, large black eyes and other descriptive features. The man wore the helmet while sleeping and sometimes during the day. He reported that the helmet was successful in stopping the abductions. In June, 2001 he felt that he no longer required to wear the helmet. Like another male abductee, he stopped wearing it and said that he no longer felt the need because his abductions stopped.

September 2000 - Queensland, Helmet Type 3
A woman reported horrific abduction experiences and woke up with fresh scars on her chest and back. They would subsequently disappear a day or two later. She would also wake up sick or exhausted for no apparent reason. She had repeated nightmares. She was sent a #3 helmet. She emailed that she felt she could be in danger for trying it. I replied that I had two reports of abductees with helmets who forgot to wear them one night and were subsequently beaten by aliens. She never responded to any of my efforts to contact her since I told here that she might be in danger.

March 2000 - Brisbane, Helmet Type 3
A man in Brisbane reported abduction experiences with missing time, marks on his body, dreams of aliens and some recollection of the events. I sent him a helmet which he wore and said worked. I contacted him about every month to ascertain he was doing. In 2002 I lost contact with hem for several months and he said that he did not contact me because he was not consistent in wearing the helmet and he had not been able to find it for several months. We felt that the aliens took the helmet because he was sleeping in it and leaving it around. I offered to send him another helmet but he said he could not deal with it any more and succumbed to the abductions.

Republic of South Africa

February 2004 - Cape Town, Homemade from Velostat
A University Professor in materials science felt he was being abducted with periods of missing time and unusual marks on his body which he could not explain. Enough Velostat was sent to him so he made his own thought screen using American Velostat. He reported that he felt the helmet worked and his abductions stopped.

United Kingdom

February 2003 - Midlands, Helmet Types 3 & 4
A man living in the Midlands in the UK reported many abduction experiences and asked if he could try a helmet. Both a thought screen helmet, #3, and a baseball cap, #4, were sent to him so he could wear a thought screen during the day. He reported that both worked since he did not think he had any experiences since starting to wear the helmet.

May 2006 - Scotland, Helmet Types 3 & 4
A Scotsman began wearing a leather helmet which he said worked. He was sent a baseball cap several months later which he felt better wearing outside in public. In December of 2006 the strap on his leather helmet broke. He was subsequently sent another leather helmet.

As of 2024, he still reports success with the helmet.

October 2014 - Pembrokeshire, Helmet Types 3 & 4
(Name changed, narrative from man's wife)
"Harold said that he hears several different pitch changes in his ears when he takes the hat off and then puts it back on again. For 24 hours after putting the hat on he had complete peace and then he started to hear "them again," telling him that "the hat won't work," and that all they need to do is remodulate the frequency or fire it at any part of his body to be received by the brain, and saying that things will get worse for him now he is wearing it."

"Harold still wears it although they are making out to him that it doesn't work. They tell him, "You might as well take it off," and call him obscene names sometimes using a "subtitle-printed" word. They also send him pictures and short moving images of random crap as bright as looking at a computer screen directly into his brain. Harold is not giving up with these hats, he said something is happening but he can't describe or explain it. Harold said that although he is not feeling hot, he has to take the hat off now and again as his hair gets dripping wet. After a few days of wearing the hat his scalp went red a bit like sunburn and mysterious cuts appeared on the top of his head, and some of his hair fell out. The cuts have healed now and the redness has turned to a pink color. He is ok though so don't worry."

"Harold has had small glass hook like objects working their way out of places on his body such as out of his kneecaps, ankles, and scalp. He gets a raised pimple on his skin and then he just picks them out as they show up. We found out why his scalp was with sores and it was because of these small glass like objects as they were coming out. Have you heard of anything like this before from other people or know what the objects might be? We are guessing this is a good thing as it's something leaving the body."

This is the first case of its kind. The helmet does work for him.


There are more case histories of success with the thought screen helmet but this list is adequate to justify its use in stopping alien abductions.

Please note that all of the people in this list received the helmets and hats from Michael Menkin completely free of charge. It takes over four hours to make a leather thought screen helmet and over three hours to make a thought screen baseball cap. The hats with twelve sheets of Velostat take almost six hours to make.

For additional information about case studies of alien abductees using thought screen helmets, email the inventor.