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Where to obtain Materials

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Although leather aviator type hats work the best because they cover the whole head and enable tape to secure the Velostat, almost any type of hat that holds eight sheets of Velostat over your head will work.

You can also sew the Velostat to a cloth hat by using a sewing needle for leather which can be purchased at a fabric shop. Large hats with a band on the inside make good thought screens because all you have to do is cut and insert the Velostat into the inside hat band. You can then sew or tape the Velostat to the hat band.

Contact this website if you need directions for making thought screens from other types of hats.

Tape can be purchased at any hardware store, 2 inch wide tape is recommended. Suggested tape is Nashua All-Weather Duct Tape, part number 398 HVAC. If you use duct tape, try to purchase a professional grade duct tape, which has better adhesive and is stronger than cheap duct tape.

Leather Hat
The hat shown, a leather aviator's hat, also known by Motorcyclists as a "Rocky Bullwinkle Hat", is manufactured by Henschel Hat Company, Part number 7471-60. This hat, and a similar model, part number 7471-41, are available at some motorcycle stores. The helmet also comes in size small/medium for small children. Similar leather hats are available from the suppliers listed below. search under leather aviator helmet or leather aviator hat.

Ebay: search under leather aviator hat, leather aviator helmet, or leather motorcycle hat.

Try to purchase hats from Amazon or Ebay without zippers, straps, or pockets because they are easier to work with.

Leather Pilot Helmet
Aviation Leathercraft - Flying Jackets - a Division of Moto-Lita Ltd.
Thruxton Airport, Near Andover,
Hampshire, SP11 8PW, England.
Telephone: +44 (0)1954 718686

Unlined Snoopy Leather Flying Cap
U.S. Wings
3390 Kent Road
Stow, OH 44224
Sales: 1-330-686-5973
Fax: 1-330-686-5970

Excellent source for cloth hats for day wear
7519 Convoy Court.
San Diego, CA  92111

The ruler, scissors, sharp knife, and felt tip pens are available in any stationery store, craft store, or drug store.


Photo copyright Michael Menkin 2008

Michael Menkin holds a 150 foot long, 40 pound roll of Velostat which costs $200. Some suppliers sell Velostat by the yard for a good price. Shop around for the best deal.

Michael Menkin is 6 feet two inches tall and weighs 215 pounds. He is a college graduate, honor student, former military officer, and a technical writer.



Velostat is now sold by DESCO products.

Most suppliers only sell Velostat by the 150 foot roll. Some suppliers may sell Velostat by the linear foot or yard. You must contact individual suppliers to determine if they sell Velostat by the linear foot or yard.

DESCO sells velostat but they still use the 3M part number 1704, 1706, or 1708.

Purchase a minimum of 3 linear yards if you are using 4 mil Velostat. It's a good idea to purchase an additional yard of Velostat just in case you make mistakes. If you use 4 mil Velostat, part number 1704, you must use 12 sheets for an effective thought screen.  If you purchase 6 mil Velostat part number 1706, you need two linear yards for 8 sheets.  If you purchase 8 mil Velostat, part number 1708, you only need a yard and a half for 6 sheets.  Part number 1708 is thicker and harder to work with - and to sleep with.

To purchase Velostat in your area search the internet by entering DESCO Products into a search engine or look in the yellow pages of your local phone book under Electronic Equip & Supls - Whsle & Mfrs  (Electronic Equipment and Supplies, Wholesale and Manufacturers).  You cannot purchase velostat in a hardware store or an electronics store.

You can get different sizes, lengths and thicknesses.  Part 1706, 36" X 150' is recommended.

The 2019 link is:

Ebay and are not recommended suppliers of velostat.


Listed below are some suppliers of Velostat

Adafruit Industries sells thin velostat, part number 1704, for $3.95 for an 11 X 11 sheet which is not large enough to line a thought screen helmet.
You need at 16 sheets if you try to make a thought screen helmet from these sheets.  See


Al-Spec Static Controls Inc.
For a salesperson -
Al-Spec Static Control Inc.
5228 US Hwy 421 N
Wilmington, NC 28401
Phone 800-537-0351
Fax 800-379-9903

Micro Parts and Supplies, Inc.
9606 Fox Shores Dr.
Algonquin, IL 60102
Fax 847-516-0491

Less EMF Inc.

Sells Velostat by the foot

776B Watervliet Shaker Rd.

Latham, NY  12110  USA

Order Toll Free in USA: 1 (888) LESS - EMF = 1-888-537-7363

Outside U.S.A. : +1 (518) 608-6479

Fax: +1 (309) 422 - 4355



NeutronCanada  (American Company)

220 Reese Road

State College, PA 16801

U.S.A. Telephone Numbers:

Sales: 800-813-4218

Tech Support and Returns: 1-814-231-3292

Fax: 814-861-8137

California Integrated Solutions, Inc.

556N. Diamond Bar Blvd; Suite#301A

Diamond Bar, California 91765

Call Sales: (909) 860-3005

Fax Orders: (909) 860-5030




Tech Support:



Industrial Electronics of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(414) 276-1212

(414) 276-9778 (FAX)

(800) 242-7204 (within Wisconsin)



In Canada contact:

Joli Dist. F. Hendel, Inc.

Montreal, Quebec

Tel: 514.335.3172

Tel: 1.800.335.3172

Fax: 514.335.4013

Ottawa, Ontario

Tel: 613.224.4707

Fax: 613.224.4371


In the UK contact:


Unit G2

Blois Meadow Business Centre

Steeple Bumpstead

Haverhill,  UK CB9 7BN

Email:  Contact Makersify for purchasing Adafruit sheets of velostat.

Cool Components Ltd,
Unit 208, 
250 York Road,
United Kingdom
Phone:   0871 288 7685
Email:  sales @   Search for Velostat


Note: The two English companies above sell the same Adafruit small pieces of velostat (11" X 11") for a high price. You will need about 16 sheets to make a thought screen helmet.


01462 672005

2A Dunhams Lane
Letchworth Garden City

United Kingdom



Unit C

4th Dimension

Fourth Avenue

Letchworth, Hertfordshire, SG6 2TD

United Kingdom

Phone 44 (0) 1462 672005   Search for Velostat

The company above sells velostat by the roll.

If you have trouble obtaining materials for the thought screen helmet, email the inventor at contact.  All requests for information will be answered.


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