This is the basic alien abduction process for men and women.  Abduction intervals can vary from almost every day to several times a year.


There is no conspiracy about the alien's incompetence in creating the epidemic of autism.

The Peter Principle applies to the alien’s science: “In an organization, individuals tend to reach a level of responsibility at least one level above that at which they can function competently.” In this case, the aliens are above their level of scientific competency and are damaging the human genome in their process of creating alien-human hybrids.   They demonstrated their scientific incompetency by making themselves sterile


As this flow chart shows, the goal of alien abductions is the creation of a new species that is part human and part alien.  Successful hybrids are starting to live among us, with the goal of control.   See professor David Jacobs' latest book, Walking Among Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity.

According to a statement made by an abductee under hypnosis who Professor David Jacobs worked with, which is in his book, The Threat, the aliens who are abducting humans made themselves sterile by modifying their genes and themselves so much that they could not reproduce.  The abductee felt that the aliens exceeded their scientific competence and sterilized themselves.  The aliens may be trying to maintain their culture by mixing their genes with ours.  Hence a new race of alien-human hybrids.

A female abductee who has worn a thought screen helmet almost 24/7 since 1999 confirmed the alien's situation with Michael Menkin.  The abductee described an experience wherein an alien female brought the abductee to orgasm to harvest her eggs.  When the abductee was asked about the alien,  "just as it gets impressions from you, what is your impression of it,"  the abductee replied, "It's a female but it does not have any genitals!" 

Like the failed manipulation of their own genes, the alien creation process is flawed, which may bring about defects in the human genome manifesting as autism and asperger’s disease.  The creation process is actually beyond the alien’s scientific capacity, so they constantly change their modifications to human DNA, hence the ever enlarging spectrum of autistic disorders.  Making hybrids is an alien trial and error process.  Abductees report seeing deformed and sick hybrids on alien spacecraft.  See drawings of sick hybrid babies on




In 1970 Michael Menkin wrote NASA Tech Briefs and proposals for using NASA inventions through the Federal Government’s Technology Utilization Program. During the early 1980’s he presented IEEE seminars on Human Engineering in Electronic Design. In 1985 he edited Boeing’s proposal for a NASA Space Station. In 2008 he was a technical writer for Cabin and Network Systems for the Boeing 777 and 747-8 airplanes. He retired in 2014 as a technical writer-editor in aircraft certification for the Federal Aviation Administration.  He now spends most of his retirement working on velostat hats.